Organize your bathroom with a classy modern touch

Why is it that most showers never come with enough storage space for all the things we need? You’re lucky to get a towel rack and a soap dish…

When you think about the shampoos, soaps, sponges, towels, razors and other items that even one person needs… let alone more than one… the average shower becomes a nightmare of clutter that builds soap scum, puddles and mildew.

The days of a messy shower are gone!

Gecko-Loc is a series of suction cup based organizers that not only give you unlimited storage and organizational options… they add a touch of style to any shower or bathroom too!

Innovative and reliable

The Gecko-Loc super suction cup system lets you attach our products to any smooth non-porous surface. Each cup holds an astounding 44 pounds so you never have to worry about anything crashing to the floor again.

Simply press and twist and you lock your organizers to the shower wall or door. Want to remove them for cleaning or just to re-position? No problem! As strong as the cup is, it’s a cinch to detach and re-apply. No tools or glue needed.

Perfect blend of form and function

Using real silicon rubber, ABS plastic and stainless steel, each of your Gecko-Loc products is designed to be rust free. Additionally each product has a very modern and classy style that goes with any bathroom, kitchen or other décor.

Try Gecko-Loc for yourself and see the difference immediately. Never again worry about where everything is going to go, the huge pain it is to remove the clutter to clean… which you need to do more than you’d like because of it…

Organize your shower with Gecko-Loc today!Organize your bathroom with a classy modern touch

What makes our line superior

Because the Gecko-Loc line is designed and intended primarily for the bathroom, only the highest quality materials are used in their construction. Each product is carefully engineered to be corrosion proof and stay in new condition in a wet environment.

Silicon Super Suction Cups

Many suction-based products use PVC for their suction cups. While inexpensive, PVC has a shorter lifespan and less holding power. On the other hand, natural silicon based rubber is far superior.

  1. 1
    Each cup holds up to an amazing 44pounds
  2. 2
    Does not degrade with exposure to humidity or water.
  3. 3
    A simple press and twist locks the cup onto the surface.
  4. 4
    While extra strong, it’s also easy to peel the cup away and re-apply.
ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

An equally strong plastic is used where necessary on each Gecko-Loc product. ABS is a high-grade and extra strong plastic that’s both safe and resistant to breaking down even in wet environments.

The T-weld

Many times, when you find a wire rack or basket, you’ll notice that the horizontal and vertical pieces are welded together side to side. While this is functional, it can often create sharp edges. Our Gecko-Loc line uses a superior T-weld as depicted. This creates a smooth joint that leaves no sharp edges and looks clean and adds to the overall aesthetic of your caddy and basket.

Stainless Steel

The major component of all products is the stainless steel metal. Giving each Gecko-Loc product the strength and corrosion proofing needed to stay clean and bright in wet environments, stainless also looks great and gives a feeling of heft and stability.

Installation Instructions

Simply click and download this free instructional PDF that explains and illustrates how to install any of our Gecko-Loc products:

The suction cup does not hold on porous surfaces such as:

  • Natural stone tile
  • Cement or wood
  • Over grout lines

Download instruction guide here.