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Gecko-Loc Rustproof Vacuum Suction Soap Dish Holder for Shower or Bath (Silver)

A great place to keep your soap so it doesn’t slip off, slide around, or leave a gunky mess on your bath or shower surfaces.

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Keep bar soap, sponges, loofahs and other bathroom items within arm’s reach with our versatile suction cup soap dish!

Cleaning your bathroom is annoying, but it’s even worse when you’re in the shower or bathtub and there are slimy soap rings and puddles in the corners because you don’t have anywhere to put your soap. Well now you can add a removable soap dish to your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you need convenient organization.

Super Strong Vacuum Suction, Ultimate Convenience
Backed by a non-slip suction cup, our grated soap dish lets you put your soaps, razors and other items up near shoulder level for easy convenience, but also allows for water and residue to drain naturally. Adhering firmly to tile, glass and other non-porous surface, simply press the suction cup where you want to mount the holder and then assemble the basket and screw down cap. It’s that easy. No tools, no installation, just versatile convenience.

The Gecko-Loc Super Suction Soap Dish looks as great as it performs, made of rustprooof stainless steel and ABS. This is a durable piece of hardware that will last you for many years to come. And while most customers use it for the shower, it’s also handy in the kitchen and other rooms in your home!

Works best on ceramic tile, glass, granite, stainless steel, acrylic, laminate and any other glossy, non-porous surface.

The suction cup will not adhere to porous or rough surfaces, natural stone or over grout lines. If this is your surface, use the Gecko-Loc Acrylic Adhesive Disk.

? Quick, easy installation
? No need to drill or glue
? Adheres securely
? Holds up to 44 lbs. safely
? Heavy duty construction