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April 26, 2018

10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Cozier

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2018)

The good thing about taking time and exerting effort beautifying our home is that we don’t need to spend a lot for a staycation. Have you heard of the saying “look good and feel good” same thing with our house?

Having said that isn’t good if we have our own cozy spa-like bathroom.

“Dare to close your eyes, and you might believe, just for a moment, that you are actually enveloped in that warm water—that those plants lining the shower, those fluffy towels, and those candles along the bath’s edge are yours. That the incredibly cozy bathrooms you’ve been perusing on Pinterest for the past however many minutes (ahem, hours) belong to you.” – Self

Here are our top tips to make your small space look inviting and ultra-luxe.

1. Add some warmth – You can never go wrong adding some wooden accents. It gives a feeling of luxurious and chic in a bathroom

2.  Paint the tiles – Refresh your tiles by using a tile paint. It’s cheap and very effective when it comes to updating your bathroom and no need to go into hassle on changing tiles.

3. Float your vanity – A floating vanity looks elegant and also makes a small space look more open.

4. Go for glass –  If you need more space or you would like your bathroom to look spacious, go for glass. This not only looks stunning, but it also offers the illusion of more space.

5. Install dimmer lights – Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting.

6. Get a waterfall shower head – Nothing beats a good shower head in your bathroom.  Click here for discount.

7. Add some bathroom plants – Turn your bathroom into an easy oasis.

8. Small fixture – Don’t forget to add some personal touch.

9. Mirror – Do I need to say more? What is a bathroom without a good mirror!

10. Bathroom storage – Remove all the clutter and get a good, pretty and functional bathroom storage.

It’s possible to make every corner of your home a comfortable place to live. Even the most functional rooms can be transformed into something wonderful.





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