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April 18, 2018

Why Highly Sensitive People Need Minimalism

What is a Highly Sensitive Person? But first, what exactly does being a Highly Sensitive Person mean? The field of study of Highly Sensitive People is a fairly new area of research, with Dr. Elaine Aron spearheading it in the 1990s. She describes Highly Sensitive People as those who “have a sensitive nervous system, are aware of […]

April 9, 2018

Essential Oils For Your Bathroom

Essential oils has been in the market for years. But recently, a lot of people use alternative medicine like Aromatherapy to replaced pharmaceutical drugs because of the dangerous side effect. Because of the healing benefits of essential oils, we compiled the best oils that we can use in our bathroom to help us combat stress […]

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April 5, 2018

How to Clean Grout in Shower with Environmentally Friendly Treatments

You have to keep the shower tiles clean to prevent grout. In fact, grout is a serious problem and it might disturb the beauty of the tile. The information below is trying to explain about how to clean grout in shower tiles. Just learn and do it before it is too late because grout is the […]

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March 19, 2018

Review for Gecko-Loc Heavy Duty Suction Cup Hooks

“I ordered this suction double hook and one of the best additions to my bathroom, This hook is made from stainless steel and can hold up to 44 pounds. When you tak the hook out of the package for the frist time turn the cover counterclockwise and place the hook into the grove and then […]

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